What is the Best VPN App for iOS?

If you looking for the best VPN app for iOS, then you come to a right place. In here, you can find the best recommendation of VPN for your iOS. Whether you want to download torrents, stream Netflix, or going anonymous around the web, using a VPN service is always a good idea. Today, there are lots of options you can find on the market. One of the best VPN app for iOS that you can use is Express VPN.

Express VPN is quite popular among VPN users. You can use this app to help your need in using VPN for iOS. But, in order to convince you more before using this app, here is some best services that offered by Express VPN. Let’s check it out!

Best services offered by Express VPN

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When it comes to the best VPN for iPhone, Express VPN always comes on top of the list. It provides an excellent service for streaming almost all platforms, including Amazon prime, BBX iPlayer, and Netflix. Streaming with Express VPN is flawless and seamless.

This one also offers a blazing-fast speed. If you use torrent a lot, you would love Express VPN in many ways. Other than that, you don’t need to worry about security. According to our tests, this one offers excellent security for your iOS device. Other than providing the best VPN app for iOS, Express VPN is excellent at breaking geo-blocks. To sum up, you would love this VPN service for its speed and unblocking capability.


Many users are concerned about privacy when using a VPN service. Besides, this can be a flaw of transactions while using a VPN. So, is Express VPN safe when it comes to privacy? According to the company’s claim, they will keep you private online. However, you need to check out its privacy policies.

If we are not mistaken, your data is stored and can be shared with third parties. The government is part of those third parties. This VPN service’s headquarters are located in the British Virgin Islands. Many people claim that this country is friendly towards privacy. The call is on you, after all.

Ease of Use

More than anything, a good VPN app should support ease of use. The good news is that you can take advantage of all features easily, without mastering a specific technical skill. After deciding the plan to subscribe, you can create an account, and input the payment details. An email is available to check in your inbox, which will take you to the installation process.

According to the test, the installation takes less than four minutes to finish. Once the app is installed on your iPhone, it detects your system and picks the best security protocol for your device. Thus, you better consider ExpressVPN as the best VPN app for iOS.

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