What Does VPN Mean on iPhone and Should You get One?

what does vpn mean on iphone

Have you ever stumbled across your iPhone settings and wondering what does VPN mean on iPhone? I tell you what, lots of people have turned to VPN for privacy and security. You may need it to protect your online presence from the prying eyes and marketing cookies.

If you don’t really know the answer, it’s time to look into the fact and learn more about it. For starters, you may want to take a look at our other articles :

iPhone and Security

Should you have a VPN for the iPhone? What does VPN mean on iPhone? iPhone owners are allowed to be a bit smug and arrogant about their device because of Apple’s well-known security features.

Apple with its iOS known for its super well job in protecting the mobile system from any viruses and malware. The VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is more than just about malware (or virus) protection. It makes it difficult for ISPs, and advertisers to monitor (or even track) your online actions and activities.

Although modern and today cellular communication has experienced improved security feature (meaning that it has been encrypted thoroughly) so it won’t be easily broken into or tapped into, there are always chances that some people, with mischievous intent, want to break into your system and get your data.

The Possible Issues

Before you think further about what does VPN mean on iPhone, you need to realize that WiFi connection is the real issue, especially in today’s modern setting. Having a free WiFi is nice, especially whenever you go.

Imagine going to the airport or the public library, and you don’t have to use the mobile data to access your internet. The problem is: it’s the hotspot owners who have the control over the connection – and your data.

A shady owner will have no difficulty sifting through the less secure system and perform tracking on you. If he/she is clever and creative, they can even dig deeper into your data and online activities. And it’s the last thing that you want to experience.

Not only the owners, hackers also love public WiFi, they can always sell your data for advertisers and marketers. In the end, you are the one generating the data and yet you are the least party to gain profits.

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The General Benefits

Basically, the benefits of using the VPN on the iPhone are similar to using VPN for other devices (laptops, tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc). However, iPhone users may find some extra perks for their iPhone devices.

So, in order to answer the question what does VPN mean on iPhone, let’s check some of the general benefits of the service.

  • Your iPhone VPN can help you connect to your office network remotely. With the VPN technology, you should be able to store confidential and private data within the office network. And with the same technology, you can access the data too, and you can do it from different spots in the world.

    Many of today’s offices want their employees to use and stay on VPN so they won’t experience issue accessing the crucial data. This action will prevent unauthorized access to the (company or business) data too.
  • It helps connect you to the home network remotely. This is basically similar to the way you can connect to the office network, but in this case, you can connect to the home network.

    It gives you flexibility and freedom to access private data, like TV shows, movies, videos, or photos. Most (modern) routers have a built-in VPN software to make the process easier.
  • You can test apps or website. Do you know that a VPN service can assist you perform test for the website? It shows how your site can be accessed in various countries in the world.

    Moreover, you should be able to troubleshoot the speed or loading problems with your app or site. Then, you can have them fixed through network access simulation (over the VPN).
  • You should be able to bypass the network speed throttling. Some ISPs in many areas in the world would throttle their services or websites’ speeds. With the VPN, however, you are able to bypass the restriction.

    VPN creates a tunnel which makes it difficult for ISP to know (or detect) what’s happening between the server and the device. That’s why the ISP won’t be able to perform throttle speeds selectively.

Setting up VPN Service for the iPhone

Don’t be overly confident about using the iPhone. It may have better security perimeter and protection features, but it doesn’t mean that it is completely resistant to hacker or threats.

The VPN itself isn’t a 100% foolproof security element that will make your iPhone super powerful. Think of the VPN as this extra protection and security layer. When you combine the solid protection of the iPhone and the extra protection from the VPN, you can be sure that your smartphone would be protected in the maximum way.

And how do you set the VPN up on the iPhone?

  • You need to access the App Store
  • Tap on the Search Icon (usually on the bottom side of the screen, on the right hand side). Type the name of the VPN you want to choose
  • When you have seen the list, choose the one you want to pick. Simply go with the button Go to download it. Don’t forget to use the passcode to confirm your installation. You can use Face ID or Touch ID to do it.
  • After the installation completes, close the App Store and head to your Home menu.
  • When you start using the VPN service for the first time, you need to create an account. Don’t forget to choose the package or subscription level. And make sure to check the email because they will send confirmation link there.

We created a list of Best VPN for iPhone 2021, you may want to check that post before choosing the best VPN service provider for your iPhone. You may also want to check whether it’s worth it or not to subscribe for a VPN service on our latest article here : Is a VPN Worth It? Read Our Thoughts Below Before Purchasing.

Words of Consideration

Be advised that it would be better to go with a paid service instead of a free one. The free service can’t give you overall and full coverage. Their services and capabilities are typically restricted.

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