Is Surfshark a Good VPN for iPhone?

Looking for a good VPN for iPhone is actually not that hard. You can find a lot of recommendation list. But, when you search for it, make sure you found the top-notch VPN for your iPhone, like Surfshark.
Surfshark, on the other hand, comes with a pack of great features. Even though you must pay a high price for the service, it allows you to connect unlimited devices per account.

Surfshark has come to our list for its features on privacy and other values offered. As mentioned earlier, this VPN provided might not be the most affordable on the market. However, you know the difference between a premium one with a basic type.

Things You’ll Love from Surfshark

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As part of the best VPN for iPhone, a series of features offered by Surfshark will blow your mind. It comes with a blazing-fast speed. The WireGuard connection is one of those things that makes the connection becomes more reliable than its rivals. The VPN also unblocks several essential streaming sites. These include Disney+, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, and Netflix. You can try it for some other streaming sites too.

Even though the price is not the most affordable on the market, the introductory price is a good deal. In case you found some difficulties, the 24/7 live chat support will get you through the issue. All things above are just a few things you would love from Surfshark. You should take a look at the app to decide for yourself.

Things to Reconsider

Even though Surfshark is a good VPN for iPhone, a few flaws still need your consideration as well.  Compared with the rivals, this VPN service provider has a very limited security audit. Even though the company claimed that your data is secured, nothing can guarantee the statement. There are some issues with the kill switch. Other than that, the OpenVPN speeds are below average. However, iPhone doesn’t support OpenVPN in the first place – it is not a major issue, after all.

Surfshark also provides a support website. However, the website doesn’t work optimally. The plan deals start from USD 2.49 per month if you subscribe to its 24-months plan. Meanwhile, if you try the one-month plan, you need to pay USD 12.95 – such a high price for a VPN service. Still, the features are worth considering in many ways. If you are looking for an excellent VPN service, feel free to try Surfshark. This one is more than just a good VPN for iPhone.

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