Change Netflix Region – Facts and Solutions You Should Check!

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Facts and Ways to Change Netflix Region with VPN Access

Knowing how to change Netflix region can be a valuable thing and may come handy in some situations. Changing Netflix region is mostly useful for those who are aboard far from their countries, or for people looking for anonymous way to use the giant streaming service.

You are probably wondering, what’s the relation between Netflix and a VPN anyway? Isn’t a VPN typically used by users to hide their identity and their footprints? Isn’t a VPN can maintain your privacy and anonymity? But why would people talk about using the VPN to access Netflix libraries? What’s the point of it?

To understand the whole thing, you need to dive in to the overall basic concepts and also some facts regarding it. This is going to be a long post, so better brace yourself to read further. Anyway, we have written some basic things related to VPN, in case you want to know it a bit more deep, you can continue to one of our articles here:

Netflix and Its Unique Concept of the Operation

Do you know that Netflix libraries are different from one country to another? Let’s say that you watch Wu Assassins, Resident Evil Vendetta, and Enola Holmes while you are residing in Indonesia. It doesn’t guarantee that you can see the same movies or contents when you are traveling to America or Germany.

American Netflix has contents and titles like Dexter, Criminal Minds, or The Twilight Zone. But if you are using your account in Canada or you are traveling to the UK, you won’t be able to watch them there. If you want to watch them, you need to break through the geo-restriction system applied by Netflix, which will eventually lead you to change Netflix region.

The fact is that Netflix is running on 190 different countries, so you can imagine how various the libraries would be. Every country has its own personalized catalogues for the licensed movies and TV shows, including for the original contents.

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Netflix has this policy where they would base their services based on your location. It determines your location based on your IP address which is provided by the Internet Service Provider you are using. IP address are geographically bound to the place where you access the internet. It can’t easily be changed, it will expose your location to Netflix.

That’s why you need a VPN to change Netflix region. One of the functions of the VPN is reroute your connection and the traffic, really. The VPN would basically give you a new physical address every time you use one of their servers.

Good, professional, and well-known VPNs generally have servers spread throughout the world. It allows you to choose which servers can be used to route your traffic. What about your real and true IP address? The VPNs would hide them, remember? Then they would replace the original address with their new one, completely rerouting the traffic with the help of their servers.

When you use a VPN, your location would be “masked” or hidden. Then, you would be able to access Netflix library of the area you use the VPN server.

For instance, if you live in Italy, but you use the VPN service and its server in America to access Netflix library in that country. Because Netflix system identifies the IP address, Netflix allows you to access its library. This is one of the reasons why users use VPN service: so they can change Netflix region and access different libraries.

Using Netflix while Traveling or Moving out

You won’t be able to change the country where you live unless you have moved to a new one. There are certain ways to do with your Netflix account when you move or traveling with Netflix.

Yes, you can still take your Netflix while on the go. As long as you have an internet connection, accessing the Netflix won’t be an issue at all. Netflix may notify you of the possible differences you encounter during traveling.

In general, some information related to changes may cover these things:

  • Movies and TV shows options and selections.
    Your preferences for downloading and streaming (such as subtitle or audio options) may be different. The titles for Continue Watching and My List may not be available or provided.
  • Different maturity ratings.
    Maturity classifications and ratings are displayed for the country where you reside. In the event that you have parental controls (whose rating system may be different from the ones applied in the visited country), the titles may not be available. Or it’s the other way around; the titles may be available because of the maturity ratings differences.
  • Downloads.
    The download titles may not be provided during your travel.

What to do if you move, but still within your current country? No need to worry; you can still enjoy the same experience, and there is no need to make changes at all. The importance to change Netflix region isn’t necessary at all. However, if you move to a new country, you should be aware of things, such as:

  • The available payment methods, billing currency, and monthly price would be different from one country to another.
  • Netflix will still charge you the plan price within the currency of the country where you sign it up. So, if you sign up in America, but then you move to The Netherlands, you will still be charged with American dollar instead of European euro.
Moving Human

What should you do when you do move out to a new country and then you want to match up the services to your new place?

There is no need to change Netflix region or tweak the setting. All you have to do is to cancel the account, wait for your billing period to end, then restart your account. But be sure that you are already in the new country when you restart the account.

Be ready if your movies and TV shows change. Moreover, it will also affect your downloading and streaming choices. After all, they vary from one are to another. The changes also apply to the subtitle and audio options. The maturity ratings would be different from one country to another too. So, you may have to update the setting for parental control

What if you still get emails for ‘Now on Netflix’ even after you move to a new country? Be advised that the email contains information about movies and TV shows for the country you’ve signed up, so the information may not be valid anymore in the new place.

Go to ‘Communications’ settings and unsubscribe it. Keep in mind that Netflix won’t be available in Syria, North Korea, Crimea, and China. In the event you move to those countries, you may as well cancel your subscription.

Netflix and Licensing Agreements

One reason why Netflix has different libraries for each country is because of the licensing agreements and copyright matter. Different country region has different numbers of TV shows and movie titles.

It happens because Netflix works together with different content providers to get streaming rights license for those different movies and TV shows. The service has its own in-house rights as well as exclusive rights for many titles, known as Netflix originals.

Why are some movie or TV shows available in one country, but not in another country? As it was mentioned before, Netflix works together with producers, creators, distributors, and content providers to get licenses for those streaming contents. They must do so if they want to be able to stream contents legally. When they can’t provide the contents, it can happen for various reasons:

  • The (content) rights are exclusive currently to another company
  • The (streaming) rights can’t be purchased, and it’s the policy from the content provider
  • It depends on the seasonal, cost, popularity, availability, or other localized factors
  • The use and practice of the VPN would limit the access to movies and TV shows that only available to global regions.

Moreover, those who want to change Netflix region, also wonder why some contents are accessible to one regions and not to others. There are several reasons for it:

  • Regional preference and taste
    Netflix tries their best to cater to their users, including understanding the fact that different demographic will have different taste and preference. For instance, the extremely popular movies and TV shows in the United Kingdom may not be likable or desirable for audience in the United States even though they are countries with English-speaking population.
  • Absence of rights within a specific region
    In most cases, a movie or a TV isn’t available within a particular area or region. How can you buy something if it isn’t available? That’s the case with Netflix. They can’t purchase a movie or a TV show license (within that particular area) if no one isn’t providing or selling it.
  • Multiple rights ownership
    It’s also common that a movie or a TV show has more than one distributor or studio ownership. For instance, Netflix may sign up an agreement with a particular distributor so they can air a movie (American-made) in Latin America. Afterwards, they have to sign an agreement with a studio producing the movie.

What about the Netflix original shows? Why some shows can be found in a certain country, but not in others? Well, it’s another matter. Netflix has the ownership and rights to the titles. They can basically stream those titles anywhere. However, there are some reasons why you can’t find those originals in certain regions, and it leads you to change Netflix region:

  • Some of those originals are available only in small areas or countries. Netflix didn’t secure licensing rights for global regions
  • Although a movie or a TV show is considered Netflix originals, which mean that they belong to Netflix, other companies may secure the rights to stream it within a certain region or area. It means that Netflix has to share the ‘ownership’ of the copyright with others. It usually happens because of content deals before Netflix is made available within that region
  • Netflix can’t get the licensing rights for the original series – and it may happen for many years. It depends on the region and area. Some originals where Netflix doesn’t have the global license include Lilyhammer, Arrested Development, and Orange is the New Black.

How Netflix Understands Each User’s Preference?

Have you ever wondered how Netflix seems to know which movies and TV shows that you will enjoy the most? They have this thing called cookies that will track your browsing behaviour. They have different kinds of analytics to help them deliver personalized experience for their users.

cookie tracking
cookie tracking

Aside from using rating system, they also use special metrics like searching habits or viewing. From there, they learn about each user’s preference and like when it comes to their favourite genres of movies and TV shows. The metrics are quite useful to inform Netflix of which movies and TV shows they want to get the license, especially in the future.

Even Netflix themselves admit that they deeply care about their users. They do pay close attention to each user’s watching, so they understand what their members want and then they can make personalized suggestions or recommendations.

They know how much part of an episode you have finished, which new series you are interested in, what genre you tend to watch, and even what language you prefer. Netflix always uses their members’ personal preferences to advice movies and TV shows.

Such data and information is crucial. But there’s no need to worry because Netflix will maintain your privacy. They only use it to gain better understanding of their users’ habits and preferences. Instead of you having to spend times searching around, wouldn’t you think it would be better if you use the time to watch all of those contents suggested by Netflix?

Revealing VPN Function to Change Netflix Region

So, how to watch your favorite movies on Netflix from other countries which is blocked? As it was mentioned before, you need to change the IP address if you want to access Netflix libraries from different locations.


A VPN enables you to change Netflix region quite easily. Thanks to it, you’d look as if you are situated somewhere else, instead of your real and true location. Moreover, using VPN is more effective than having to choose other costly options.

How to use VPN to change Netflix region?

  • Choose a reliable and trusted VPN provider.
    Make sure that you choose the one that can work well with Netflix. Keep in mind that not all providers are the same. Some providers are great for privacy. Some providers have impressive performance for anonymity. But not all of them are able to unblock Netflix. You need to do your research completely and fully, and make sure that you choose those that can really unblock Netflix geo-restriction.
  • Open the VPN app
    Launch it, and then connect it to server location in the area of your destination. For instance, if you want to unblock Netflix libraries in Germany, then choose servers in Germany. If you want to access the libraries in Japan, then choose the servers in that country. You can just pick any server you like. From the previous explanations, you won’t be able to access the libraries if you live in different countries or regions. Let’s say that you want to access the libraries in Germany, but you choose the servers in Canada, then you won’t be able to see contents available on Germany.
  • Log into Netflix and provide the title you want to watch
    You should be able to see (and access) it by now. Simply click it and you are good to go!  

As you can see, to change Netflix region isn’t difficult at all. It gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

The Various Provider Options

Below are list of trusted and reliable VPN providers. They are known for their quality performance and they also have good reputations when dealing with Netflix. These providers are also known for their solid technologies, best suite for people looking for anonymity and speed.


If you are wondering how to change Netflix region, you should know that consulting Surfshark and get their service is one of the best ways to do. In fact, this provider is known for its best performance when changing regions. Not only that, they are also known for their solid infrastructure and improved connection quality that can enable users to stream Netflix (even with 4K quality) quite effortlessly.

Not only Surfshark is able to change Netflix region for American libraries quite easily, but you can also unblock access in other countries and regions, including France, Germany, and Japan. Thanks to their more than 3,200 servers in more than 65 countries, you should have no problems unblocking movies and TV shows regardless your location in this planet.

What about security and protection? No need to worry about it either, because they have only the latest and most advanced technologies to protect your privacy and security. They have kill switch, camouflage mode, clean web, and multiHop system. The provider also implements no-log privacy, meaning that you won’t have to worry that your data would be exposed or your activities would be recorded.

Another thing to like is the fact that you can connect to unlimited devices altogether – and you won’t have to spend a fortune. Be advised, though, that you still need to follow Netflix plan when it comes to the numbers of allowed devices, but it’s nice to have a VPN service that actually allows you to have as many devices as you want.

The provider supports live chat for 24/7. This is super helpful when you have problems and you want them resolved. Not to mention that this provider is compatible with many operating system, such as Linux, Fire TV, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The provider also provides extensions for Firefox and Chrome; a very useful feature when you want to integrate your browser with a VPN service.

So, on the pros side, Surfshark is able to:

  • Support as many devices as possible simultaneously, as many allowed by Netflix
  • Work together with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, and macOS
  • Provide satisfying performance and quality without breaking the bank
  • Provide high-quality protection and security, thanks to its latest technologies
  • Allow you to change Netflix region without confusion or complication
  • Help you through the live-chat customer support


Subscribe to NordVPN if you want to enjoy fast speed and stable connections. In fact, this VPN provider has its own specialized servers with Netflix enhanced quality so you can change Netflix region without loosing streaming quality.

Setting up the service isn’t difficult either. All you have to do is to sign up, choose and connect their servers, and start streaming.

NordVPN has more than 5,500 servers all over the world, scattered in 59 countries. When compared to other providers, NordVPN may not be the quickest provider in this business, but it still delivers quite satisfying speed that is compatible to Netflix requirements.

The coolest thing about this provider is that you can connect their service to 6 different devices at once – only with a single subscription. This is ideal when you have more than one streaming device to use.

NordVPN consider security and privacy utterly crucial. That’s why their privacy and security features are pretty ‘rich’ and abundances. They have a kill-switch to protect your virtual safety. Not to mention that they also have Onion, CyberSec, or DoubleVPN over their network. They also implement no-log privacy, so you won’t have to worry that they may keep, misuse, or even abuse your data.

Service is quite good with satisfying performance. The live chat (customer) support is one of the handiest features. Whenever you encounter issues or you have queries related to the system, simply contact them and they will respond you immediately. 

NordVPN service supports various operating systems and platforms, including Firestick, Windows, Mac, iPad or iPhone, and Android.

So, when you have to conclude them and their positive outcomes, NordVPN is:

  • Reliable. They may not have the fastest speed, but they do have stable connection. With more than 5,500 servers in more than 50 locations in the world, it’s safe to say that you are completely covered
  • Functional. It is able to connect 6 different devices through a single account. This is handy; not to mention also helps you save money
  • Safe. The protection and security perimeter are solid, thanks to the latest and most advanced technologies and systems.
  • Simple. With easy setup and no-drama arrangement, you should be able to enjoy the service right away.
  • Supportive. It means that you can use it for many different platforms and devices and also operating systems. Not to mention that the customer support comes with live chat and it runs 24/7

Express VPN

This is a provider that is known reliable enough to unblock Netflix libraries. If you want to access American Netflix, then this is your go-to option. ExpressVPN has been spotted on the first place of powerful VPN provider because of their tough technologies.

Aside from stable connection, they also offer satisfying speed, trusted security perimeter, and reliable technologies. In short, you will never be disappointed when using them to change Netflix region.

The provider has more than 3000 servers within its network, and many of them are located in the US. In fact, you can rest assured that their servers should be able to deliver high-quality performance without compromising anything.

If you use the American (Netflix) libraries, you should be able to access them in other major countries, such as Australia, Canada, and even the UK. Feel free to use ExpressVPN for unblocking other streaming services, such as Hulu. Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and others.

Security and protection are some of the best features about this provider. Since they implement no-log privacy and a kill-switch, you won’t have to worry that your detailed connections, traffic, or activity would be stored or recorded.

What about customer support? Well, it offers support through emails, although it would be better if they still stick to real-time live chat. However, it’s a good thing that the staff is pretty fast providing responds and helping you with any technical issue you are encountering.

This provider works well with most platforms, devices, and operating systems, like Fire TV, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Check out MediaStreamer too, which is a part of SmartDNS service if you want to use streaming and video games consoles.

Although MediaStreamer doesn’t have any protection with VPN encryption-grade, but it is strong enough unblock Netflix, especially on stuff or devices with restrictions and limitations to third-party apps’ support.

So, in the overall sense, the pros of this provider are:

  • It is compatible with most operating systems, devices, and platforms, including gaming consoles
  • It has the best and most solid security system, including a kill-switch and no-log privacy policy
  • The customer support is quite responsive and fast
  • It has more than 3000 servers which are responsible for the solid and promising performance. Gaining access to Netflix library in the USA would be such a breeze
  • It is able to unblock other streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and others.
  • You can connect to 5 devices at the same time

Netflix Content Availability

Before you change Netflix region, you want to make sure that the contents you are looking for are available within the libraries of your destination. But how can you find out? How do you find genre, year of the making, availability, and titles of the contents that you want to watch?

That’s why we have uNoGS. It is an IMDB tool that displays ratings, genres, and types of shows (or movies) along with their other details, such as subtitles and more. It’s like a filtering tool for movies and TV shows.

If you want to search for certain movie or tv show, you only need to provide a keyword to search. Then set the rating and the release year. Simply slide the measurement point.

Then, use the available dropdown buttons for type, genre, audio, subtitles, and sort by categories. On the bottom side, there is a long button bar ‘Search uNoGS’.

Once you click on it, the results for your search would be displayed right on the screen. You can even find the synopsis as well as the availability of the countries quite easily. The information would be provided underneath the title (ever title, that is).

Make sure that you use this tool first before you unlock VPN and you try to change Netflix region. This will give you insight of which libraries to unblock and unlock, giving you easy access to your favorite contents.

The Alternative Solutions

What if you want to change Netflix region without using the VPN? It’s possible that you have bad experience with VPN service previously, or you simply dislike using any VPN access or whatsoever.

No need to worry; there are still other alternatives that you can use. You can use either a proxy or the Smart DNS. Be advised, though, a proxy service won’t encrypt your data.

It means that you expose yourself while doing the online browsing. If you value your privacy so much, it would be best to use a VPN service instead of a proxy service.


In the end, people have different reasons to use VPN services. And if you are one of those users who want to unblock Netflix libraries and contents, you aren’t alone.

Just make sure that use the VPN service for the ‘right’ reason and you choose the right provider who can cater to your needs. Now that you know the facts related to change Netflix region, it’s up to you whether a VPN would be a crucial service for you or not.

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