Features to Look For from the Best VPN for Torrenting 2021

It may take a little bit of extra work to choose the best VPN for torrenting 2021. Nowadays, there are tons of names all over the market. Some of them offer executive pricing while others give free services. But how can you decide the best VPN for torrenting? Why should you choose the best VPN service to accompany your torrenting activity? Below, we have a list of things worth considering about VPN and torrenting. More than anything, using the best VPN is essential to enhance your torrenting experience.

P2P Connections

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The next thing to look for from a VPN service is its support towards peer-to-peer or P2P connections. Torrenting mostly relies on P2P networks. Meanwhile, many VPN provides banned P2P traffic for the sake of privacy concerns.

The ban also includes file-sharing on servers located in the UK and US. Thus, it is essential to check whether or not the VPN provider allows full P2P support. Some VPN service providers allow P2P support without compromising the speed of file sharing.

Zero Logging Policy

When choosing a VPN service, you must check its logging policy in the first place. Some provide log their users’ traffic. This process keeps records of all data that comes and goes through the servers. Unfortunately, a few VPN providers leaked the information to advertisers. On the other hand, some providers need to hold specific information ruled by law enforcement. Thus, before choosing the best VPN for torrenting 2021, make sure that it doesn’t hold your information.

Headquarter Locations

The headquarter locations might seem trivial, but it plays a crucial role in storing and sharing your information. International governments never compromise data privacy. There are three alliances you need to keep an eye on when it comes to privacy and data control. These include the Fourteen Eye, Nine Eyes, and Five Eyes Alliances.

New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UK, the US, Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Spain are part of the alliances. Those countries agree to share information and intelligence across borders. Your online activity is being surveillance. You better not choose VPN services with headquarters located in one of those countries. Compromising your online privacy over torrent files is not worthy on any level.


It seems easy to use a VPN service and go online for torrenting. However, considering the essential features help you make the most of the best VPN for torrenting 2021. We hope this tips can help you to choose the best VPN service for your torrents acitivity. Have a good try!

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