Best VPN for iPhone 2021

Best VPN for iPhone 2021

What things should we consider when looking for the best VPN for iPhone? Wait, aren’t all VPN providers are just the same? Are you tired of switching VPN providers from one to another, looking for the best in terms of performance, price and ease of use?

If you are an iPhone user and using VPN for your daily need, we have some list of the best VPN providers to use on your iPhone.

Not many people understand the importance of a VPN. Many of us think that the function of a VPN is for ‘breaking’ the boundaries only, but you know what, it has a lot more than that. Not only such a thing is crucial for the security of your iphone, but a VPN itself is able to deliver many perks and benefits.

In the old days, choosing a proper VPN (for iOS) was quite easy – extremely simple. But as business grows and more services are coming up to the service, we have more options. It’s both a good and not-so-good-thing, really.

The good thing is that we have the freedom and the flexibility in choosing the proper service that meets our preferences. The not-so-good thing is that we find it more difficult to narrow it down to the one that meets our preferences just perfectly among these many options.

Cyber Security
cyber security via flickr

In general, iOS devices themselves have a solid and good security system. They are able to resist general malware and virus just flawlessly. However you need another protection while surfing on the internet that can also protect your privacy.

When you are using the public WiFi, you are basically exposing your device to a greater risk. Your iPhone may have to deal with malware. Not to mention that mischievous parties try to take a peek into your iphone and interfere with your confidential data. That’s why you need a solid VPN.

Even if you are using the free version or the cheapest service, a VPN can protect you from harm and risks. So, it doesn’t hurt to consider using one, really, that’s why we it’s worth to list the best VPN for iPhone.

The Importance of VPN

What to seek in the best VPN for iPhone? We live in the digital era that brings out the best, as well as the worst in the operation. The best thing about it is that we are pampered with the easiness of technology.

We are easily connected to people. We easily access information from here and there. Work and professional sectors get the best benefits from it.

We easily market, promote, learn about new stuff, and so much more because of technology.

However, such a thing has its own consequences too. With digital technology, comes digital threat. Virus and malware are some of the most common threats associated with digital operation. They would sneak into your phone system, using network connection as their entryways.

Who doesn’t love free internet connection? Who doesn’t love using WiFi that is completely free? When we go to coffee shops, airports, or hotels, we can access the free WiFi. Unfortunately, it may cost you as you are more exposed to threats and dangerous risks.

Don’t be afraid, though. There are many good VPN services out there. Some of them may be dedicated for iPhone, while some can be used by other operating systems.

Things to Consider Before Choosing VPN Provider for Your iPhone

vpn world via pixabay
vpn world via pixabay

If you are using an iPhone, you’d know that there are some major and crucial elements needed to secure your device. You want something that can bring comfort to you in terms of security, speed, and also support.

Keep in mind that VPN providers offer various services. Many VPN providers design their service in such a different way to accommodate their customers’ needs – and to make them different from one service to another.

You should not consider them offering a uniformed service. If you have your own tick preference boxes, some features may not fulfill them all. Some services may offer free services, while some don’t have such a thing at all. Some services may offer a complete set of features, while others don’t.

But you should consider these things, though. For a starter, a VPN with impressive coverage of network servers in various different countries would be excellent if you want to break through the national censorship and geo-block.

An app design shouldn’t be underestimated either. Because iPhone screen is completely different from the desktop monitor, you need to consider a service that can offer a nice and supportive design, especially for a mobile form factor for the priority. User interface is crucial, so you don’t want to dismiss that.


  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Variations of servers: 3000 servers within 94 different countries
  • Live support: Yes, 24/7
  • Fast and reliable connection: Yes

ExpressVPN has been considered as one of the best services when it comes to security, privacy, and top-notch connection. A lot of iPhone users turn to this service because the impressive quality of operation and the ease of use.

As it was mentioned before, as one of the best VPN for iPhone, this provider has 3000 different servers scattered in 94 different countries. No wonder if they can provide you with quality and flawless connection, no matter where you are.

The service comes with various different plans. There are 3 different plans, and the cheapest one costs only around $7 a month. Of course, if you choose longer plan, you actually pay less and you can enjoy more features.

Some of its key features are:

  • Split tunneling. Thanks to this feature, you can tailor the service to accommodate your needs. Choose which services or apps to encrypt.
  • MediaStreamer. This is the one feature that can break down geo-block just flawlessly. You should be able to access favorite apps or contents, although those platforms DON’T support any VPN. You can watch Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Netflix easily – and you can connect it to your smart TV too!
  • Smart TV compatibility. This service is compatible with gaming consoles, Apple TV, Amazon (Fire) TV sticks, and others.
  • Intuitive and seamless design. Even new (and beginner) users won’t have any issue operating it. It is quick, private, and easy to use. There’s no need for you becoming a rocket scientist just to figure things out.
  • Secured system. The service uses AES-256 encryption type to protect your data. You won’t have to worry about any security access or protection.
  • You get impressive service and quality without having to dig deeper into your wallet. Who says you always have to pay a fortune to get impressive and top-notch quality?

Don’t use the service if you need unlimited or more than 5 connections. This service accommodates only five connections, max. And this service doesn’t offer free service or even free trial.

So, if you want to check whether you like it or not, your only option is to choose the cheapest plan for a month – and see how you like it from there.

Although ExpressVPN isn’t perfect, it is still one of the best VPN for iPhone. With the combined features, it is easy to see why a lot of people love it.


  • Easy to use: Yes
  • Variations of servers: 5,600 servers in 59 countries
  • Various technologies: Yes, including WireGuard VPN and Tor connections
  • Customer privacy: Yes
  • Secured system: Yes

This is another option for the best VPN for iPhone. In fact, this service is often considered the main (and also the strongest) competitor to ExpressVPN. If ExpressVPN offers various array of features to enjoy from their service, then NordVPN is all about privacy. Yes, they focus so much on privacy – putting this element on their top side of their lists.

NordVPN is being transparent about their operation. Whereas others may actually use virtual servers – along with the virtual locations, NordVPN has started that they don’t.

They are quite open up about the infrastructure, stating that all of their servers are dedicated. They don’t have any virtual location either. They do state that they are trying to move the servers (all of them!) to co-located facilities, but it’s still on the progress and they try their best not to interfere with their impressive performance, so far.

Although many of the servers are located in the UK and America, they also have servers in other parts of the world, including Europe, Middle East, South America, India, and also Asia. They even have servers in Vietnam, Turkey, and Hong Kong – countries with have super strict (and also restrictive) internet policies.

There are so many different things to like about this service. First of all, there aren’t many good VPN services for iPhone, so having one with sturdy protection and quality service is definitely a good option – while providing various options of operating systems. More key features to love about their service are:

  • Compatibility with other operating system. Not only it is compatible with iOS, but it can work just fine with Windows and Android. Thanks of NordLynx, IKEv2, and OpenVPN as the protocols, you can use any device or apps without having to worry about obstruction or blockage.
  • Impressive security system. One of their attempts is to transition their operation to diskless servers. If you don’t have anything to write on the disk, then what can others steal from it? This is a system implemented in NordVPN.
  • Tons of servers. With more servers than ExpressVPN, NordVPN has better bargain and value. It doesn’t always mean that more servers mean better service. However, with many servers, you have better chances to break through geo block and other restrictive boundaries. It’s a better bargaining option, really.
  • Extra tools. NordVPN combines different tools that can boost your privacy. With these tools, you would have no problems accessing hidden websites. At the same time, others would have difficult times tracing your connections.
  • Multihop connections – or the Double VPN. So, instead of using only one server, NordVPN uses two. In this case, if the first server is troublesome or compromised, your connection is still smooth
  • Split tunneling. Like the one on ExpressVPN, this feature enables you to route the apps traffic – choosing the clearest path for smooth and uninterrupted connection.

Don’t use the service if you are looking something affordable. The service offers various plans, and the cheapest one would start from $11 a month or around $119 a year.

NordVPN is probably one of the priciest services, but if you want value and privacy, you will get it without any disappointment or regret. In short, it is one of the best VPN for iPhone that you can rely on.

Hotspot Shield

  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Plenty of service bundles: Yes
  • Secured platform and security: Yes
  • Various servers: Around 1800 servers in more than 80 different countries

One thing to like about the Hotspot Shield is that it doesn’t only provide privacy, but also top-notch security. The app is considered good looking and pleasant with various options of security options.

Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPN for iPhone with free plan, but the plan has its own limitation. The free service only allows you to use VPN servers in the US only, with only 500MB of bandwidth a day, and only one simultaneous connection.

The free service is throttled as you can only benefit from 2Mbps connection. This is super slow – and you will deal with ads. In short, Hotspot Shield makes its free service inconvenient and uncomfortable.

The general subscription cost is around $13 a month. It has Premium plan for $96 a year and Premium Family for $144 a year.

It is considered more expensive than the general subscription costs offered by other services. If you don’t mind spending money, there are great features to expect from this one.

Other key features from Hotspot Shield :

  • Various bundles of service. When you subscribe to the paid services, you can get other free services of Robo Shield (call) blocker, Identity Guard protection service against identity theft, and also 1Password (password) manager. Basically, if you are willing to pay for the paid service, you will get these features for free. Quite a bargain, eh?
  • WireGuard. The service uses this one for their encrypted VPN connection. Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield uses this for their Linux setting.
  • Catapult Hydra. This is Hotspot Shield’s own protocol which was created to power up the service. The protocol uses special Open SSL library for data encryption. Not to mention that Hydra is able to create different data channels so it can travel conveniently. Such channels are also crucial to increase reliability and also speed.
  • Various servers locations. They have servers in 4 African countries as well as several South American countries. There are even servers in countries with restricted internet policies, like Turkey, Vietnam, Russia, and China. With more than 1800 servers scattered in different countries and continents, you can expect flawless connections.
  • Free service. In case you are rather low on the budget, this VPN service offers free basic plan – with a catch, naturally.

Don’t use the service if you want something cheap or affordable. The various plans in this service are actually quite costly when compared to other service. It isn’t an advisable service for users who want to enjoy free service without ads either.

Although the service offers free version, it is pretty jammed and throttled. This is especially the case with Android users – you will deal with tons of ads, mind you.

In the overall quality, Hotspot Shield may not be the best offer you can get, but there are some features that are worth your spending. Not to mention that you can also enjoy different perks and attractive bundles offer if you want it.


  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections: Yes
  • Well-designed and responsive app: Yes
  • Impressive speed (test) scores: Yes
  • Various servers: It has 3,200 servers within 65 different countries.

Don’t underestimate the low price. Low price doesn’t always mean lousy or lame. Surfshark is one of the greatest examples of inexpensive services that won’t compromise quality and performance.

Despite the cheap price, it has a reliable network with convenient compatibility to many devices. The unblocking abilities are just amazing and the internet speed is also nice too. You can say that it has convenient combination of user friendly features, safe environment, and impressive performance.

When compared to other providers and services, Surfshark may not have all the best and strongest features. However, it is able to focus on the security system.

That’s why they are using advanced security protection and features. They are confident about their protection and security system because they believe in the overall quality of the service.

In America alone, there are 24 different locations. There are also servers in Australia, India, Canada, and Europe. The provider also has physical servers in countries notorious for their strict (and super restrictive) censorship laws, such as Turkey, Vietnam, and Russia.

If you live in these areas, consider yourself lucky from being able to access the web quite freely and easily – and you won’t have to compromise speed.

Some of the good things about Surfshark are:

  • Cheapest offer. If you think ExpressVPN has the cheapest offer, wait until you get the offer from Surfshark. One of their plans start from around $3, which is super low and super cheap.
  • Impressive security features. The service is known for their great quality of security and protection
  • Unlimited connections. This is one of the rarest feature offered by VPN providers. Many providers would set up restrictions, but not for Surfshark.
  • Impressive unblocking performance. Surfshark is able to unblock Netflix libraries (more than 20 of them), BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and others.
  • The speed is nice and more than enough. It is compatible for HD streaming. You can even use it for gaming. There is a possibility of slowdown for long distance servers, but it isn’t obstructive.
  • The network is reliable. Considering that it has less coverage when compared to other service, the reliability is just amazing – even better than other the world-class providers.
  • Its geo-restriction bypass quality is great. You can use it to unblock Netflix (whether the UK or the US), HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, and others. You can also access Amazon Prime Video, if you are adamant enough to use several different servers.

Don’t use the service if you want constant and stable connections most of the time. Despite its reputation as one of the best VPN for iPhone, the performance isn’t exactly stellar or super impressive.

When compared to other providers, the performance is quite so-so. If you perform tests, there would be different results for different areas.

In the overall concept, Surfshark is quite good and impressive, especially if you are low on the budget. You shouldn’t expect too much from this site, really, but for the overall performance isn’t too bad, especially considering that it is one of the budget-friendly options.


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections: Yes
  • Various servers: there are servers in 55 different countries
  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Good and smooth connection: Yes

Why is this one considered as one of the best VPN for iPhone? Not only the provider offers extravagant speed, but it also offers unlimited connections and services.

IPVanish offers 3 different plans. In general, the service would cost you around $10 a month – or if you prefer the annual scheme, it only costs you $77. If you choose 3 monthly scheme, it only cost $27. Generally, the longer the period, the cheaper it would be.

In terms of price, it is more than affordable – if not cheap! And let’s not forget various features, such as great protection, fast connection, and so much more. To make payment easier too, you can use PayPal or credit card to pay for it. Unfortunately, you can’t use prepaid gift cards or Bitcoin for it.

In the past, the provider allowed you to connect to 10 devices simultaneously. However, they recently removed the restrictions, allowing unlimited connections for users.

Because of this feature, the provider gains popularity that makes them one of the best VPN for iPhone– many of their users say that the VPN is good for the money. Another good thing about IPVanish is the fact that it doesn’t restrict BitTorrent. At all.

When it comes to geographical diversity, IPVanish would be the best option. This is a service that excels in location assurance and spoofing.

Located in various 55 countries, including the ones in South America and Africa, the service even has servers in Hong Kong. However, it doesn’t have servers in Russia or Turkey – countries that are notorious with restrictive internet laws.

There are still many features to enjoy from this service, and some of their best services are:

  • Different protocols. This provider supports IKEv2 as well as OpenVPN. Although it also supports SSTP and L2TP, not many users recommend using it – unless it is emergency and you really need it.
  • Privacy focus. The provider pays a very close attention to privacy. Not only they make sure that users can enjoy their own privacy from the world, but the users are also protected from the service. This is one service provider who makes sure that they aren’t going to use users data or sell them.
  • Inexpensive tag. With different plans and different tag prices, it is easy to see why many people like this service and why they would consider it one of the best VPN for iPhone.

Don’t use the service if you want simple and convenient interface. The interface system is one of the cluttered one. Only those with techy understanding or background would be able to grasp the whole thing. It means that you shouldn’t use this service if you are overwhelmed with technical terms, jargons, stuff, and others. This isn’t a service for beginner or newbie users.

In the end, you can decide which one you like the most. With convenient interface and impressive features, it is easy to see why this provider is liked by most of its users. But if you don’t really like technical terms, then you should seek elsewhere.

Private Internet Access

  • Does it have balanced outcome of price and performance: Yes
  • Dedicated app for iPhone: Yes
  • Compatibility with other operating systems: Yes, including Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Simultaneous connections: Yes, up to 10 devices
  • Various servers: More than 3,000 servers within 30 different countries (and even more)

There are reasons why a lot of people consider this service as one of the best VPN for iPhone. With combination of favorable prices, working kill switch, and convenient streamlined app, you shouldn’t encounter any issue with this app. There have been various tests performed on this app and all of the results are great.

When compared to other services, the coverage of locations is probably as much as expected. They have 3,000 servers in ‘only’ 30 countries. With such limited spots and locations, the service has to work extra hard to deal with connections.

Of course, coverage in many countries isn’t a solid guarantee that the performance would be perfect or the connection would be flawless, but wide coverage would ensure that there are many options and comfortable perks to enjoy.

There are many offered features that you will enjoy from this service. But of course, there are some favorable key features to expect from this service, such as:

  • Handy various protocols. The service supports WireGuard, one of the rising starts in the business. Not to mention that it also supports the popular 256-EAS encryption, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.
  • It has its own kill-switch mechanism. It works well to deliver flawless performance.
  • Top-notch performance. With extra features, the service is easy to like. The Favorites, for instance, provide effective connections to the most popular used servers. There are also bonuses for malware blocking or Siri shortcuts, if you want full integration to Apple’s environment and ecosystem. As if it weren’t enough, there is InBrowser PIA, which is a private browser for Android and iOS with video and tabs support.
  • Protocols. It’s a good thing that this service supports different protocols, including L2TP and OpenVPN. Today’s hype is about WireGuard, and this provider offers it as the beta feature starting from March 2020.

Don’t use the service if you want a free service. This is one of those services that simply don’t offer free perks. With different plans, you should be able to find that is convenient to use, even with the cheapest one. Moreover, this won’t be the perfect option if you highlight on a matter of privacy so much. The service has a quite unclear policy when it comes to privacy – which means that they can’t really protect you when you have privacy issue.

In the end, this provider offers a robust and solid VPN service – along with compatibility with many devices. But if you focus on other features, beside the security and protection, then this would be the best VPN for iPhone.


  • Ease of use: Yes
  • Dedicated app for iPhone: Yes
  • Unlimited connection: Yes
  • Integrated kill switch: No
  • Generous plan and data allowance: Yes

If you want an iOS app that can offer many features and perks than other services, then you have come to the right place. As one of the best VPN for iPhone ever created and existed, it has tons of functional features.

For a starter, there are plenty of flexible plans that can accommodate different needs of the users. Not to mention that it should be able to unblock iPlayer, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. The service is easy to use, packed with features. You won’t have to worry about the fuss-free implementation – everything is made easy for you.

The service has servers in 110 different locations, scattered in 63 countries. Some of them include Macedonia, Panama, and Peru – aside from their main servers in Europe and America. Such a coverage is convenient because it enables you to break through blockage.

The limited coverage may not give you the fastest option, but it should be enough to deliver stable quality and solid connection.

Despite the inexpensive tag price, the service has offered many ‘bonuses’ extras. For instance, you can add an extra residential IP address for around $8 per month. If you prefer the data center IPs, it would cost you $2 a month.

These extras would give you extra protection and flexibility in using the internet without worry or harm. The service also offers unusual bonuses, such as offering users to use Windscribe’s personalized and own subreddit.

Besides all of those helpful features, there are more key features to expect, such as:

  • New features. Some of their newest developments and features are focusing on the mobile apps. The included development is WireGuard support for iOS and Android. It also includes web’s configuration generator – intended for manual configuration. For this matter, the iOS app have some cool configuration, including two factor authentication and haptic support (and feedback).
  • Various protocols. The service has support to OpenVPN and IKEv2 with robust AES-256 encryption. It will protect the system from those who want to infiltrate your system. At the same time, the stealth technology tries to help you break through the internet blockage and protecting you at the same time.
  • Compatibility with different operating system. You won’t have any problem getting connected to iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, or Windows. You can also try different extensions, such as Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Rest assured that you will be given tons of helpful extras to deal with protection, safety, and privacy.
  • Inexpensive price tags. This is one of the providers that will charge you around $50 for a yearly subscription – or around $5 a month. This is definitely a good bargain especially for those who are low on budgets.

Don’t use the service if you expect fast connection and speed. In fact, some of the test results show that the results can be below the average. It’s not always so, but some cases have shown the obvious (and clear) signs. This won’t be the perfect option too if you want 24/7 support. No, they don’t have such a support. And there are also long gaps and period intervals between software updates.

In general, Windscribe may not be the best support. It may not have the fastest service either, but you need to remember that every person has different requirements and focus. Windscribe is a great and impressive VPN on its own, and with generous free plan, it is easy to see why it would be one of the best VPN for iPhone


  • Various servers: More than 6,600 servers within 89 different countries
  • Compatibility with different operating systems: Yes, especially macOS and iOS
  • Bandwidth restrictions: No
  • Impressive encryption technology: Yes
  • Fast speed: Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: Yes, up to around 7 devices

As one of the best VPN for iPhone, this service offers fast connection and simple arrangement. To ensure quality, the provider often performs tests to find out the quality – and it turns out that the performance remains promising and reliable.

You can enjoy fast streaming perk without having to deal with buffering. And the offer that you can enjoy some blocked platforms or services is just convenient. For instance, you can enjoy Netflix without any obstruction or difficulty.

Some users have performed tests on the optimized servers as well as the standard ones. Both servers can perform quite well although the standard ones are generally slower than the optimized types. Another perk is that connection (to the optimized ones) can be done within seconds, so less worry about it.

However, it isn’t convenient for servers switching. Users won’t be able to switch servers while still connected to iOS app. You will have to disconnect, choose different servers, and then try to reconnect.

The service has different price tags and plans, but it doesn’t have any annual pricing element. You can opt for 6-month scheme, though, where you can spend around $48.

If you prefer the longer term, up to 18 months, it would cost around $50. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper you can get. But if you are new to this service, just go with a monthly plan first so you know whether it is perfect for you or not.

There are still more key features to expect, such as:

  • Money back guarantee. You can enjoy this feature for 45 days. You only need to contact the service’s customer service to get the refund. They provide live chat, running for 24/7 as well as email.
  • Compatibility to operating systems. You can use this service for different operating systems and extensions, including Firefox, Android TVs, Chrome, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • The ability to unblock various platforms. This is the service that you can use to unblock platforms, including Sling TV, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, YouTube TV, HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.
  • Easy planning and purchase. You are given the flexibility to enjoy traditional methods to buy the service, such as using PayPal or credit card. But you can also use Bitcoin for the payment. But you can’t use prepaid gift cards or other unconventional methods.

Don’t use the service if you want something affordable. In terms of pricing, this service is quite costly. With $13 a month, it’s not exactly affordable or cheap. Moreover, it may not be the perfect option when you want unlimited access to high security. They provide top-notch security system, but the access is pretty limited. But the standard security alone has been enough for quality performance and impressive service.

In the overall run, this is a service that can provide excellent and impressive VPN product – along with solid privacy, a solid and robust environment, a stable and reliable network, and generous options with simultaneous connections. In terms of pricing, it is expensive, but as the best VPN for iPhone, it offers a worthy service that is compatible with the much of money you spent.

Final Words

In the end, the decision to choose which VPN to use solely depends on you. Which one do you prefer to use? Which one are you comfortable with? What kinds of features you expect?

Again, you need to realize that different VPN services offer different features and perks. Some may offer free service, while some don’t.  Some may offer extra bonuses, while others don’t.

It’s not about right or wrong, but it is about choosing the one that properly fits to your requirements. With these various candidates of the best VPN for iPhone, you shouldn’t have any worry or concern anymore.

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